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Deb Barlow Yoga

Deb Barlow Yoga

BWYdip, Y4HF Cert


 Yoga Class Pricing Policy effective from 9th June 2021

Group class fees, per person, per 4-week term:

Payable per term in advance

£28 – 4 classes per term (£7 per class equivalent)

£24.00 - 3 classes per term (£8.00 per class equivalent)

£18.00 - 2 classes per term (£9.00 per class equivalent)

There is not a pay per class option.


Payment, Cancellation & Missed Classes for in person classes only:

Fees are payable, at the latest, by the Monday before of the first class of term.

Due to restricted numbers your place cannot be guaranteed if payment has not been received by the due date.

Once booked the fee is non-refundable.

If I have to cancel for any reason any outstanding class fees will be refunded.

Booking will open up for the next term the day after the last class of the current term ends.

*Please note fees and terms may be subject to change.


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