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Private Bookings

Elevate your well-being with private bookings tailored for yoga, sound baths, or a seamless fusion of both.  


Ideal for individuals, small groups, hen parties, and corporate clients seeking a personalised wellness experience.

Sessions a crafted to meet your needs and preferences, held at your convenience, be it in your home or at a chosen location.

Whether you are aiming for relaxation, a yoga session, or the therapeutic power of sound, I am here to curate the ideal session for you, your friends or your team.

Contact me today to book your private yoga or sound bath experience.

Price on enquiry



Payment & Cancellation

All private/corporate booking are prepayment only and once booked are non-refundable or transferable to future events.

If I have to cancel your booking for any reason a refund will be issued.

*Please note fees may be subject to change. Last review January 2024

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