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Sound Baths


Discover the serenity of sound baths and the unique synergy of combined yoga and sound bath events.


For a pure sound bath immerse yourself in the calming embrace of a blend of instruments, from crystal bowls and wind chimes to gongs and drums, offering a holistic and soothing experience.



Harmonising yoga with the transformative power of sound creates a nurturing space for wellness and relaxation.


This inclusive journey is open to everyone, regardless of background and experience.


Join me in exploring the profound impact of sound.

For more details or any questions you might have regarding sound baths please click on the "more info" button below.



Payment & Cancellation

Sound baths & workshop events are prepayment only and once booked are non-refundable or transferable to future events.

If I have to cancel an event for any reason any reason you will be issued a full refund.

*Please note prices may be subject to change. Last review January 2024

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