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Hatha Yoga Classes and Sound Baths
Kings Lynn and West Norfolk

Mixed level hatha yoga classes focused around the breath, mindful movement and ultimate relaxation. 

Blending alignment, awareness, a little flow and strength to create your personal yoga experience.

The yoga classes have a friendly, welcoming atmosphere, allowing you to explore a way of practicing that works for you. 

The sound bath events are immersive experiences that are designed to help you relax, destress and activate your natural healing ability.​


Our Hatha Yoga Classes are held in Pott Row, Kings Lynn

Soothing group sound baths and workshops are held on a regular basis in Pott Row, Kings Lynn

Book a private yoga or sound bath session for 1 to 1 or groups

Upcoming Events

  • Summer Vibes Sound Bath
    Summer Vibes Sound Bath
    Mon, 22 Jul
    Methodist Chapel
    22 Jul 2024, 19:00 – 20:00
    Methodist Chapel, Chapel Rd, Pott Row, King's Lynn PE32 1BP, UK
    22 Jul 2024, 19:00 – 20:00
    Methodist Chapel, Chapel Rd, Pott Row, King's Lynn PE32 1BP, UK
    A chilled out evening of sound
  • Yoga Taster Class
    Yoga Taster Class
    Wednesday & Thursday
    Pott Row Methodist Chapel
    Wednesday & Thursday
    Pott Row Methodist Chapel, 87 Chapel Rd, Pott Row, King's Lynn PE32 1BP, UK
    Wednesday & Thursday
    Pott Row Methodist Chapel, 87 Chapel Rd, Pott Row, King's Lynn PE32 1BP, UK
    Experience a class before you commit to a term.

Kings lynn yoga
Kings lynn soundbaths


About Us

Deb Barlow

Hello - A little about me:


I am a qualified yoga teacher and accredited Menopause Yoga teacher, along with being a Sound Therapy/Gong Practitioner, Reiki Master and Crystal Healer.


My yoga journey started in 1996, pretty much by accident.


After experiencing some life-changing events and having lived a rather unhealthy lifestyle, I decided that I needed to take more care of myself.  First thing was to get more active, so off to a local gym I went. It was during my time there that someone happened to mention yoga.  After a little research (no Google searching back then, just good old fashioned word of mouth), I found a class, and that was it…….I was hooked. 

Then, one day, my yoga teacher suggested that I should train as a yoga teacher myself.  Well, that was a shock, but I did as she suggested. I completed my first training course with Yoga for Health Foundation in 2005 and have been teaching ever since.


I have also undertaken further yoga focused training, which includes Yoga for Health Foundation Remedial Yoga Therapy, British Wheel of Yoga Teacher, Teaching Adults with Special Needs, Qi Gong for Yoga Teachers and most recently, Menopause Yoga Teacher and Trauma Informed Yoga Nidra Facilitator. Over the years, I have trained with some of the most renowned teachers of our time, but my students are the best teachers I have ever experienced.

An image of Deb Barlow doing yoga in Spain in a sun salutation

My yoga practice has helped me keep a balanced way of life. The vast benefits creep up on you, and I have come to learn that you don’t always appreciate that until either your practice stops or you take a look back over your life.


And how did sound therapy come into my life………

Well, I have always loved sound and chanting but don’t have a natural singing voice, so the obvious choice was to learn to share sound in another way.  


I completed my accredited (IPHM approved) sound training 2021, the first being a Sound Therapy Practitioner course, followed by an Energy Healing & Gong Therapy Practitioner course a few months later. The blend of both trainings has allowed me to experience and share the use of sound healing in a very special way.

I do believe that holistic practices have great benefits for our minds, our bodies and our souls.


I have been a student of Debs for over 10 years now and can’t express enough how much Debs yoga class has helped me, from her unique style in the way she delivers the class, to the benefits I feel from yoga each and every day life. Debs is professional and is always finding alternative ways of helping students with various ailments, tweaking the lessons, so that no one misses out! A lovely person and a great sense of humour! Can’t recommend enough!


I recently attended a Yoga and Sound bath Workshop with Debra.
I found that the gentle yoga movements before the sound bath helped to obtain the right
atmosphere and mindset to start the workshop, along with the explanation of Sound bath and
The whole workshop was well organised, premises warm and professionally delivered.
I came away from the workshop feeling completely relaxed with a sense of well-being and
rejuvenation. A most enjoyable experience.


I’ve been attending Deb’s yoga classes for five years. For me, the classes offer me an oasis of calm in my week: it's time for me to stop, forget everything else that I’m running around doing and invest time in myself. The 4-week ‘terms’ concentrate on helping me work towards improving a particular pose, starting wondering how I’ll achieve a position and by the end of week 4, feeling very proud of the progress I’ve made. The regular change in the programme helps to focus on different parts of the body, and I know I’m more flexible and benefit as a result. 

Deb is a wonderful yoga teacher and practitioner. Deb is patient and very clear that we should all be accepting of ourselves, especially when we struggle in a yoga position and be very proud of our personal achievements. 


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